Stacey Spears

​Arts Specialist Teacher

I have a passion for connecting students with history and world cultures through music and theatre, which is a perfect fit with the Vanguard model.  My students have gained a deeper understanding of the world and its people through studies and presentations in many diverse areas, including Madrigal Dinners, Renaissance Faires, radio dramas, improvisational theatre, jazz studies, composition, musical theatre, plays, community outreach performances, and multi-generational community music sharing experiences.  I am honored and inspired to weave my passion and experience with that of my visionary colleagues in this highly collaborative, innovative school.

Credentials & Areas of Expertise:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Children’s Performing Arts – Indiana University
  • Music Educator Workshop – Michigan State University
  • Vocal Development Workshop – Northwestern University
  • Choral Conducting and Children’s Choir Workshops – University of Michigan
  • Extensive experience as a performer, director and technician
  • Gifted and Independent School Teacher – Da Vinci Academy, Elgin Academy, Fox River Country Day School
  • Music theory and music performance
  • Theatre arts
  • Differentiation and personalized learning
  • Character education

“Stacey consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence and meaningful engagement within her work environment. She is a professional who is well-respected by her colleagues and fully grasps the meaning of teamwork while contributing new ideas and an encouraging word to situations as they occur.”
Amanda Davey
Assistant Head of School, Da Vinci Academy

“Stacey is sensitive to students who may fall outside the mainstream and she works to individualize their programs and activities, while fostering their creativity and love of learning.” “Stacey has a conviction that all students can learn and she is sensitive to individual learning styles and social/emotional needs.”
Karen Morse
Head of School, Fox River Country Day School

“[Mrs. Spears] is conscious about the necessity for highly motivating experiences for the gifted learners in her music and theater classes, and [she] actively taught her students the use of positive feedback, modeled directly at first, then gradually released to her students…Mrs. Spears’ questioning involved students in high level thinking tasks, which encouraged them to make connections and be metacognitive.”
JeanE Kloepper
Site Director, Center for Gifted

“You have a special gift; an innate ability to take a room full of diverse ages and personalities and create an environment that nurtures creativity, and enthusiastic participation. I was genuinely impressed with your ability to manage and direct [the students’] attention…I watched these kids take risks and execute with confidence and with group support. You taught them to “think on their feet”…[My daughter’s] personal growth from the experience was significant. Her confidence with speaking in front of a group was evident. Thank you for sharing both your professionalism and your passions.”
Parent, Elgin Academy