The workplace of the future will demand individuality, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Vanguard’s students are immersed in these practices daily.​​​

Each school day consists of three learning modules that address the needs of the whole gifted child.


Blended Learning Module

The blending of best teaching practices with technology applications to personalize learning

During this two and a half hour period, students rotate between meeting with teachers in readiness-based learning groups and working more independently to develop their basic skills.  Each student receives a weekly menu of both online and offline tasks keyed to his/her readiness.  Students generally choose the order in which they work on tasks, as long as they complete their menus by week’s end.  Movement breaks are built into each morning.

“Nothing of value was ever created without hard work…We need to share with young people that real work, meaningful work, is joyful.”

Jerry Flack, Understanding Our Gifted, 2000

Readiness-based learning groups consist of teacher directed, hands-on activities which reinforce the skills being developed and link them to real life applications.  The time frame for each lesson is flexible and responsive to students’ needs.

Weekly menus consist of core subject tasks that build a foundation of knowledge and skills for each student at his/her developmental level.  Some of these tasks can be completed through online curriculum sites; others involve reading and writing activities that build skills and background knowledge for the work the student will do in the afternoon.

Working toward mastery of skills online replaces traditional paper worksheets.  This gives students immediate feedback, which helps them practice correctly. Progress can be viewed immediately by both teachers and parents, giving teachers the information they need to streamline the personalization of subsequent lessons.

What each morning looks like:  The two components of the blended learning module are interwoven, so that screen time is often less than 10-15 minutes at one time and total screen time does not exceed 45 minutes per morning.  When students are not involved in teacher-led activities, they are prioritizing and completing the tasks on their own learning menus.  This helps them develop independent work habits and decision making skills.  A teacher is available to them at all times to answer their questions, coach them on managing their menus, and facilitate movement breaks.

Outdoor playtime


Community Module

The development of traits that facilitate social success

Students gather for lunch, socializing, and group-initiated activities ranging from kickball games to fort building to traveling to a local park. During this time, children receive coaching from teachers to develop their social-emotional skills of collaboration, cooperation, leadership, problem resolution and community responsibility. ​


Project and Problem Based Learning Module

Authentic applications of learned skills and conceptual understandings through purposeful cross-curricular learning activities

Students work on projects, simulations, investigations, workshops and presentations. They quickly grow in their ability to initiate, plan, implement, reflect, improve, and produce products and solutions to problems identified within our school and community. During this module, students work with master teachers as well as specialist teachers in art, music, and drama. Their work is then showcased in regular open houses for both parents and community members.

“The way kids learn to make good decisions is by making decisions, not by following directions.”

Alfie Kohn, Unconditional Parenting

Vanguard Gifted Academy Schedule

Due to the personalized focus and depth of learning during the school day, the need for homework has been eliminated, offering students more time for personal pursuits and family time. Children who are passionate about what they are studying at school may choose to investigate further and engage their families in discussion at home.

*Enrichment Courses are available before and after the regular school day. Separate enrollment fees apply.