I love this article entitled Calvin: The Unexpected Gifted Kid.

As the title suggests, Calvin isn’t your stereotypical gifted boy donning big glasses with his nose always in a book. But as a professional in gifted education, I can tell you Calvin is definitely gifted!

Unfortunately, Calvin embodies the gifted personality who most teachers would never recommend for gifted services in the public school. Calvin loves to learn but this is not evident in school because he doesn’t get good grades or high test scores. In fact, he doesn’t even like school. At conferences parents might hear that Calvin asks too many questions and is often off task. He might be identified as an underachiever or a daydreamer. It may even be suggested that he has an attention issue. Regrettably, these are the reports often heard by parents of gifted boys.

Calvin is the gifted child who is a perfect fit for Vanguard Gifted Academy! We appreciate and work to extend creativity and innovative thinking. Vanguard engages gifted children in the same hands on learning experiences that Calvin creates for himself outside of school. We understand that busy minds thrive on finding answers to their own questions. Vanguard teachers delight in the unique qualities of each gifted child and together offer a learning environment where these qualities enrich the learning process. We recognize the need for and the value of children like Calvin having free time to pursue personal passions and interests. When the school day is full of learning rather than waiting, daydreaming, or repetitive activities, homework becomes obsolete so teachers at Vanguard do not assign any. Perhaps that’s what Calvin’s parents would appreciate most.

Elizabeth Blaetz
Head of School
Vanguard Gifted Academy